EA’s water services experience range from planning, surveying, designing, and bidding, to construction administration, construction staking, and field services during construction. We have completed many small to large projects to our diversified clientele including municipalities, industries, mines, and utilities firm. Our water services experience are grouped in the following areas:

  • Water System Analysis and Planning Services — Some of our clients face the significant challenge of managing rapid growth, while others are grappling with a diminished population. These population shifts are often limited by or negatively impact local resources. Projecting demands, developing technical solutions, evaluating the environmental impact, and ensuring associated costs are allocated equitably can be a significant challenge. Our qualified team has helped many of our clients with planning and forecasting water utility needs.
  • Funding Assistance — We have assisted clients in submissions with the WIFA and ARRA Stimulus Loans. Our experience continues to grow as we successfully obtain funding for various types of projects.
  • Water Treatment — Our team experience encompasses both ground and surface water treatment for drinking water applications. Our experience includes all aspects of water treatment including coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation, filtration, GAC, ion-exchange, disinfection, as well as residuals management. 
  • Transmission and Distribution — We are industry leaders in developing solutions for the transmission and distribution/collection of water, sewer, storm, and gas pipelines.
  • Pumping — We have provided engineering services for the design, specification, and construction of numerous pumping applications. Our projects have included both new construction as well as pump rehabilitation.
  • Storage — We have completed study, site analysis, construction, and/or rehabilitation of multiple ground level and elevated water storage facilities.