EA’s team has provided diversified services including design, permitting, and managing construction aspects of many wastewater infrastructure projects. We have successfully executed may projects where developing innovative, reliable, and cost effective solutions were of paramount importance. Our outstanding performance of providing value based engineering services based on the depth of experience have earned us respect among the regulators, clients, and peers. 

Sample List of Projects:

Project: 2010 Sanitary Sewer Relief and Replacement Program for Quadrant #3 – Nine (9) Projects

  • Cactus Road 15” Sanitary Sewer: 32nd Street to SR-51
  • Mountain View Road: 60th Place to 64th Street
  • 24th Street: Missouri Avenue to Bethany Home Road
  • 25th Place: Cowan Circle Road to Siesta Lane
  • John Cabot Road: Cave Creek Road to Libby Street
  • Cave Creek Road: Greenway Road to Paradise Lane
  • Greenway Road: 12th Street to 14th Street
  • Cave Creek Road: Peak View Road to Tatum Blvd
  • Cave Creek Road: Quiet Hollow Lane to Jomax Road

Client: City of Phoenix, Project# WS90500240

Project: 2005 Sanitary Sewer Relief and Replacement Program in the Area Bounded by Thunderbird Road, Carefree Highway, 19th Avenue, and Scottsdale Road for Basin H – Five (5) Projects

  • Project Priority #17 – 9th Street 10-inch Relief Sewer: Bell Road to Grovers Avenue, 7th Street 18” Relief Sewer: Greenway Parkway to Grovers Avenue
  • Project Priority #9 – Everett Drive 12-inch Relief Sewer: 21st Place to 22nd Street. 22nd Street 12-inch Relief Sewer: 22nd Street to Cave Creek Road. Cave Creek Road 12-inch Relief Sewer: Clare Drive to Greenway Road
  • Project Priority #32 – Greenway Road 21-inch Relief Sewer: 52nd Street to 52nd Place. Greenway Road 15-inch Relief Sewer: 44th Street to Tatum Blvd. 52nd Street 8-inch Relief Sewer: Greenway Road to Tierra Buena Lane
  • Project Priority #35 – 10th Street 8-inch Relief Sewer: Union Hills Drive to Rockwood Drive
  • Project Priority #1 – Siesta Lane 10-inch Relief Sewer: 29th Street to 32nd Street and Bell Road 8-inch Relief Sewer, 19th Avenue to 17th Avenue

Client: City of Phoenix, Project# WS90500167

Project: Sanitary Sewer Relief and Replacement Program Priority #29, 21st Avenue from Villa Rita Drive to Morrow Drive, Glendale Avenue from 19th Avenue to 19th Drive, Maryland Avenue from 21st Avenue to 20th Avenue, 28th Street from Roosevelt Street to Portland Street
Client: City of Phoenix, Project# WS90500206

Project: Highline Canal Road 8” Sewer Main Feasibility Study, Report, Preliminary and Final Design and Plans, 32nd Street to 38th Street
Client: City of Phoenix, Project# WS90500121

Project: Sewer ID Feasibility Study at Various Locations
Client: City of Phoenix, Project# WS90500243, WS90500250, WS90500244, and