EA’s team has a common approach to Quality Management while executing project regardless of its size and complexity. Our approach reflects effort and commitment from each of our team members to produce and deliver consistent quality documents. Over the last 28 years, we have worked together to consistently exceed our client’s expectations. Repeat business opportunities provided to EA from its existing clients is a true testament to our performance.

Our team manages quality by implementing following procedures:

Planning: The project goals, team, scope, and a budget that is a true representation of the work requested by our clients is established at the onset of the project. Clients and EA team members define pathways together to ensure that the project is controlled and heads towards successful execution. Any change deemed necessary during the execution of the project is discussed with the clients so that there are no surprises to the stakeholders.

Project Specific Requirements: EA is aware that during the planning and execution of the projects there may arise other items of concern that has the potential to impact budget, quality, and schedule. Our experienced staff have years of experience in identifying issues that should be considered and addressed to avoid conflicts at a later stage of the project. This is one of the many skills that set our team apart from the competitors.

Quality Checks: EA’s employee continually checks the data and deliverables at the pre-established milestones throughout execution of the project. These milestones are established in addition to the project specific deliverable quality check requirements.

Peer Review: Peer review is completed on each of our deliverables prior to issuance. Peer review is completed by EA’s employees competent in implementing the scope of work.

Management Review: Review of each of the deliverables is also completed by one of the vice presidents of the firm prior to issuance. We truly believe that the service of the firm is a reflection not only on the employees but also on the management.

Communication: A successful project requires complete and open communication amongst all parties. A large part of EA’s success can be attributes to effective communication with our clients, other project stakeholders, and regulatory agencies.